My Favourite Looks of Year 2015 Part 2

Now year 2015 has just passed. Here are my picks of the looks in 2015 autumn and winter. Copyright of all the images blow belong to COS (H&M Group, Sweden), unless otherwise stated.

Stunning silhouette.

This is the white scuba top:

And this is the red wool culottes:

My husband got the white top as Christmas gift for me. The day after Christmas I walked in the street in this white top, I could feel almost every woman around were looking at me, XDD. Thank darling so much :-* ! The red culottes were in such a great demand that I failed to grab it as fast as other gals....The same culottes in black are still available in the stores, but somehow I'm totally for the red one. Maybe the first stunning picture magically burned into my mind and I cannot get out of it. Ah well, this is a perfect example of how an art director of the marketing photos can greatly influence the sales....

Another very interesting top, I love the origami theme:

Many of COS's designs have a common property, they look best on gals with a flat chest. I guess this origami top is also an example, as well as the white scuba top above.

Another great-looking, Japanese-style cape I failed to grab, the colour is perfect for autumn:

But I did get this denim cape, it's nice for early autumn:

Me in it:

This autumn / winter has never been so warm. Shirt dresses for office:

Other good office dresses:

This slightly oversized piece could be on a white or black long sleeve turtleneck top. I love its kimono sleeves.

Wool dress with silk sleeves:

Bold and catchy yet simple and elegant, this red dress creates aura. Again for gals with flat chest or a chest with only modest volume, otherwise it will look too much bloated and makes the gal looking like pregnant:

Me in this red dress:

What a tender dress, the shape, the curves and the colour. The contemporary feminineness and elegance I love.  And they have really got the right model for the dress in this picture.

This model per se is of course gorgeous, but maybe not exactly for this dress. Some of her face features are too stark. For this dress,  maybe she could try some other make-up to play down the bold lines, somewhat steep planes and high contrast on her face. Or wear a pair of darker shoes to give some visual weight to the bottom part.

Now some more culottes:

Me in it:

Another pair of culottes, looking like a skirt from the front:

Finally a coat:

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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