Music Score of Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad, for Covering Purpose

Sandra Nurmsalu is again in the Eesti Laul 2014, her song "Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad (When the Winds Turn)" is again made by Sven Lõhmus. This entry surprised me very much the first time when I heard it....It's not typical Nurmsalu....After listening it for several times, I understood Sven and Sandra. Yes they've picked a good strategy for the ESC 2014. Winning songs have been usually very approachable, Sven and Sandra are in it for a winner, so this "Kui Tuuled Pöörduvad" is highly approachable in many ways....More thoughts about this song I'll post later, but first thing first, it is obvious that with such a musically uncomplicated song, Sven and Sandra want all of us to sing along. Having comprehended this, today I wrote down the score of this song. Just to make things simpler, I omitted the prelude and interlude. My purpose is to help fans of Sven & Sandra singing. I am no professional musician and I am not very familiar with the Southern Europe style rhythm in this song, there may be a lot of mistakes in my note, any correction will be highly appreciated (please drop a message to


if you want me to correct, or simply post your own version. ).

Please do not be put down by the not so well-known Estonian language. The pronunciation sounds very regular and close to the German pronunciation. I find it much easier to sing along than French....okay, let me stop my "lange Rede kurzer Sinn", here we go:


Google 收购 Nest Labs: 家电智能化时代终于开启

1 月 13 日的新闻: Google 以 32 亿美元现金收购制造家用智能恒温器和烟雾报警器的 Nest Labs

这是 Google 史上第二大收购案,当中可以见出 Google 对未来家电智能化的 vision,信心,和决心。 

2006 年网主在准备毕业论文的时候,有在两个选题中权衡。 这两个选题灵感都来自于当时本人生活上的不便:


一则笑话与 GEMA

去年年底那几个月的项目中有许多琐碎而需要注意力高度集中的事情。 有一天下午 coffee break 时, 我掏出手机说,放点音乐来拯救我们疲惫的灵魂吧, 这个音乐不太复杂,歌词反正也听不懂不至于打扰思路, 比较适合做事时作为背景音乐。 放出来的是 Hildegard von Bingen 的中世纪宗教清唱曲。 同事听了面面相觑。 一位同事打开他的手机说,“用这个拯救灵魂太逊了吧? 我有 Lady Gaga 你要不要啊?”  von Bingen 和 Lady Gaga 是绝配。 这位同事太好玩了。 


已是一个多月以前的新闻了。 Amazon 美国开始测试用小型无人驾驶飞行器递送特急快件, 预计将于 2015 年在美国投入商业运营。 最新消息又说, 美国航空协会已经批准了六个“飞行投递” 测试区域。 网主相信, 长远来看, 无人驾驶的飞行器, 乃至配备自动驾驶技术的汽车,将对人类生活的许多方面产生深刻的影响。