Happy New Year 2017

Several weeks ago my husband bought an old analog oscilloscope (HAMEG HM 205-2) and was totally fascinated by Jerobeam Fenderson's Oscilloscope Music and its visualization on the analog screen.

During the Christmas break, he took several hours to program this "Happy New Year 2017!!!" screen with firework. I looked at his source code. Not that trivial, especially the font-processing part. Respects to both Jerobeam Fenderson and my husband!

Wish my readers happiness, good health, a lot of accomplishment, and a lot of creation in year 2017!!!

几周前老公买了一台老旧的模拟信号示波器,之后醉心于 Jerobeam Fenderson 为示波器写的音乐和音波视频。

圣诞新年假的时候,他花了几小时编写了上面这个新年快乐的示波器视频,还有烟花哦~。我有看了一下他的源代码,并非十分简单,尤其是字形处理的那一段,很多低阶操作,还有比才曲线的演示。我在这里向 Jerobeam Fenderson 和我老公致敬咯~~。

祝大家在 2017 年充实,健康,快乐!努力进步,多多创造!

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